My love for Central Park has long been chronicled, and today the body needed to run but the heart was frequently stopped in its tracks with the beauty and smells of autumn. 

Though I rarely run with my phone, today was an exception, thankfully, since so many views were worthy of record.

Here are a few sightings along with a few on my walk from mid-town back home.  Life really is about celebrating every season….enjoy!

Charming brownstone entry on a side street, upper east side.

Running the Jackie Kennedy Onassis reservoir is a regular part of the route, offering one of the best views of the cityscape. They redid this entire fence a couple of years ago and it has added so much. I pray for the city oftentimes at this spot.

The bridges are truly beautiful, this one is a favorite, spotting the policemen on horses is unusual and cool to see.

Rear view, these horses were huge!

Didn’t know the sunbeams were streaming like this until looking at the photo later, beautiful!

Maintaining a park takes lots of people and activities, mulching here, interesting how tree trunks look so round til you see them cut like these.

Lighting and leaves, God’s handiwork.

Charming, though autumn smells turned into horse smells in this moment!

Remembering when we took wedding photos at this exact spot, on 72nd St. Traverse

Bethesda Fountain, interesting man with a ladder in the middle of the water, evidently cleaning or repairing?

Too hot for even a jacket, but the ice is set and skaters are already using Wollman Rink.

Really happy to see organic food trucks popping up as part of the scenery, even organic hot chocolate, something to keep in mind when cold temps hit.

Former spot of CBS Studios (next to 24-hour Apple Store) has been replaced with fountains, who knew? And the purple X’s on Bergdorf Goodman are actually purple ribbons commemorating BG’s 111th Anniversary.

The Simon Pearce crystal store caught my eye, a Fed Ex truck driving by is interfering with the reflection, but the mink table runner though impractical, sure is a stunner not to mention the chandeliers.

A florist has the perfect fall window planters.

Late French sculptor Niki de Saint Phalle’s 10 colorful, larger-than-life mosaic statues are on display on Park Ave. til Nov. 15, this one of Louis Armstrong is a beauty.

Mum’s the word on Park Avenue.

Something about this combination of colors caught my eye, unusual green colored door with the mauve stone and black fence, very nice.

Gotta love a big pumpkin.

Eli Zabar’s is a fave grocery spot, they always put such lovely seasonal things out front.

Not fall foilage, but fascinating seeing hundreds of antique door knobs in this hardware store window.

Our apt. building has unusual pot combos each year, may need to duplicate these back in Raleigh.

Happy Autumn-in-Full-Swing!

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