Today was a perfect weather day in NYC, so in between meetings I wandered into several favorite stores.  Thought you’d enjoy a few sightings…

Bergdorf Goodman is celebrating their 111th Anniversary, and this one-of-a-kind hand-painted dress is part of an exquisite display that includes live orchids planted in rustic bamboo-like stalks on the ground and up around the crown moldings.  This dress is priced at $55,000 with a waiting list of potential buyers.  Hard to believe, but as someone who loves anything roses, I agree it’s stunning.

This Manolo Blahnik boot is even more beautiful in person, and for a mere $1,750 I chose to enjoy it by sight vs. by foot.

Maybe for those gifted in balancing while walking, or someone needing extra protection from dangerous animals (gives a whole new meaning to shooing away danger.)

The front entrance of St. Patrick’s Cathedral is undergoing renovation and is covered in scaffolding, but I caught this view from the back side on Madison Ave.  Never noticed before how beautiful the back is as well.  An architectural gem in the middle of the city.

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