Many times we feel as if we’re on the brink…

The brink of breakdown, break-up, breaking our back with trials and testings. Why is it sometimes just so hard? Trial after trial. Test after test. Getting up and standing up only to be pushed back and down for the tenth time, or maybe the hundredth.

Left to wonder, “Is it me? Something wrong with what I’ve done or where I’ve stood?”

But then, just when all seems lost… we break-thru, break-out, break forth! Into new oxygen, new breath, help and hope. No more brakes. Our turn, our time to soar unhindered to the next place of promotion and success.

So whatever you’re facing today…a push back, feeling like a push-over, instead push through. Push up. Strengthen those arms and speak to those feeble knees.

Stand. Stand tall and erect. Stand when you can’t stand another minute of this mess. Stand true and stalwart. Stand for all you believe in during your strongest moments of faith. Grand stand. So many watching in the stands. Watching you stand above the crowds of those who give up and give in too soon.


And you WILL breakthrough, break thru like a rocket.  Breaking through the earth’s atmosphere of gravity. Unhindered. Rising faster than the speed of sound, faster than the sounds of discouragement that ever thought for one minute they could hold you back or down. You rise. Rise higher. Rise stronger. Unbreakable.

No need to keep your foot on the brake. Rev that engine. Accelerate. You’re about to soar.



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