I’m a big believer in taking moments amidst chaos to enliven our hearts and brighten the eyes.  Stress has a way of squelching and robbing us of joy.  It’s so vital to discover creative methods for breathing in fresh air via ways most meaningful to you.

For some it’s exercise, or maybe a walk in nature, listening to music, reading or taking a nap.  For me, it’s snagging some shopping moments even when demands (like pulling off a wedding) are high. Many times I don’t buy a thing. Just perusing beauty, retail-style, is what seems to do it for me.

Here are some photos of what inspired my eyes and heart on Monday, shopping with Mom for a few brief moments enroute to a long leisurely lunch with my sister and niece.  She’s been my fave shopping companion for as long as I can remember.  I look, she affirms, and we often find ourselves sharing joy and bringing hope to a store owner we meet.  Ahh the adventures of retail therapy for all.

So enjoy what lightens YOUR load this week, and never apologize for what you love.  Only you can know what best fills your cup back up to the brim.

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