One of my favorite ways to find design and fashion inspiration is to look at online blogs and magazines.  I study the looks I love and consider why I’m drawn to them, then attempt to copy similar looks, be it with color, the actual fashion or furniture items, or the combination of elements.  Finding a deal is always the goal.

A current project is our “green room” at the church (the meeting room for hosting guests just off the sanctuary) and I’ll be posting a before and after video very soon. In the meantime, check out the coffee table I found and an inspiration photo that matches it.

Inspiration photo from Elle Decor magazine of actress Ellen Pompeo in her home. Her funky mid-century coffee table looks just like the one I found.

Love this table’s vibe of vintage, bohemian and international flair. Maybe I’ll paint the legs red as well, we’ll see once the carpet is laid down later this week.  Thank you Molly at Studio 123 in downtown Raleigh for sourcing this cool table. (And in case you’re wondering, that’s the latest issue of WHOA magazine, which I’m honored to write for every month.)

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