For some reason I got a hankering for fish tacos the other night, timed well with a stop at Whole Foods.

So I picked up cod fillets from the frozen section and sprouted grain corn tortillas from the bread aisle. Topped with a bit of cole slaw and this awesome sauce (the sauce MAKES these things), these brought rave reviews from two of my guys (the only two at dinner.)

Fish Taco Sauce

Equal parts kefir OR greek yogurt OR sour cream AND mayonnaise

Dill weed to taste, cumin to taste, chili powder to taste, hot sauce to taste, chopped cilantro to taste.  Enough lime juice to make a fairly runny consistency.

Stir together and pour on top.  YUM for all.  I poured leftover sauce on grilled fish and rice the following night, more YUM.


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