Today I’m excited to highlight the podcasts from last weekend’s “Rethink Singleness” conference where Ron and I spoke to over 300 singles age 18 to 75.  The atmosphere was electric and everyone had a wonderful time, the two of us most of all!

These are messages that resonate for anyone waiting on a dream and wanting to maximize every SINGLE season of life!
Topics include:

  • Timing — Not Getting Left Behind
  • Avoiding the “Dance of Dysfunction”
  • Guy Talk — Ron telling the men why and how to ask a woman out
  • Girl Talk — Lynette sharing “Head to Toe Beauty Secrets”
  • Panel Discussion with Q&A

Here is the link to all the sessions: 

Please share with anyone you know who needs a big dose of motivation, hope, practical tools, and laughter (lots of great laughs on these podcasts!)

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