Dont-wait-for-people-to-be-friendly-show-them-how.-Author-UnknownIt happened in the back of Target yesterday, near all the newly available outdoor furniture collections, amidst happy pillows and water-resistant everything.

There were only two of us.  The lovely lady with the southern accent and me, no make-up and workout clothes, pondering the options in so many colors.  When she asked that universal question….”Can I get your opinion on something?”  Like a trained member of the sisterhood I immediately answered, “Of course!”

“How do you like this color of cushion? Is it too khacky? Will it look good on my rod iron chocolate-colored couch?”  “Hmm,” I said, “In fact yes it will look great, and I’m liking that fun pillow in your hand, it’ll add the pop you really need.”

We were collaborating like close friends, like we’d made plans to meet on Aisle 15.

She left happy with 5 new cushion sets saying, “I’ll just tell my husband this is my birthday present.” “Oh honey we all have THAT in common,” I responded, both laughing with our girlfriend knowing.

Which brought home the truth again as I wandered out, that we’re all so much alike, and really need each other.  And sometimes spontaneous friends are as welcome as older ones. We need never hesitate to ask or engage, because engagement is what our technologically-worn-out-minds need anyway.

So today, why not look up and look around, a spontaneous friend is waiting for you, try Aisle 15.

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