I got an email recently from a woman who attended my workshop on Personal Branding. She liked the idea I shared about making the effort to get published in some form, be it in a magazine, online, or via various blogs, but had further questions. In responding to what she asked, I thought our entire community might appreciate the suggestions, so here goes….

Getting your thoughts and ideas published is an instant brand and credibility-builder. If you want to write something that further establishes you as an expert and a success in your field, think about which publications are read most by your clients, potential clients, or audiences you really want to reach. Then take a look at the types of articles featured in those publications with an eye for something new, unique, or timely that you can address.

Outlets are constantly in search of good content, and given that you are an expert (we are all experts in something!) then trust your own perspectives and judgments in this regard. What do you want to read more about, know more of, hear more about? Your answers will guide your content as you develop what you’ll write.

Once you know of an outlet you’d like to pursue, consider calling one of the editors and chatting with them about your ideas, finding out what they’re looking for in potential articles. A good way to start this dialogue is to compliment an author on an article you like. Oftentimes writers, publishers, or editors will put their personal email addresses in the publication, and you can reach out to them directly with questions and ideas, making the process collaborative. So few people ever do this so if you do, you will stand out and typically get a great response.

As you’re writing, be sure to offer practical tips and ideas that the reader can use (how-to articles are appreciated and memorable.) Once you have an article in hand, you can then post this same article on your own website, use it as a blog, etc. One article can go a long way in establishing you as an expert and credible voice. It’s amazing how when you get published in some fashion, you gain credibility that can help open new doors.

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