We girls have to stick together when it comes to easy breezy hair strategies. (Sorry guys, you may wanna skip today’s post.)

Not everyone will relate to this tip, but I’ve personally long admired the loose waves that I hear take irons and effort, effort I really don’t want to put into my do.

So what’s a girl to do with a do she can’t do?

One day when my hair was wet I decided to experiment and see what might transpire. From the wet head of hair, with my fingers I divided it into two halves from the back center, as if I was making two side pig tails. Grabbed both halves, grabbing at about neck level, and simply twisted them into two gigantic thick twists. I pulled down and flattened the bangs in front and made sure all hair was behind my ears.

Then I left the two hunky pigtails be. Slowly they dried. I avoided the urge to mess with them and only kept twisting them occasionally if somehow I bumped them while doing other things.

As they dried to about half dry, I pulled the front bangs hair out from behind the ears but left it in the wavy shape it was forming. You want to keep the large kinks/waves in it that come from putting it behind your ears. Leave the fat twisted pony tails as they are.

When almost dry I sprayed the twists to give them a bit more strength.

When fully dry I gently pulled the twists apart and waalah, I made waves! Then sprayed them with hair spray for extra hold, and kept this look for several days, retwisting gently into pieces over time, making sure to not brush it. The more it sets the more piecy it becomes, which is ideal.

So here is a before and after shot, the before being with no makeup so of course I had to do the “Glamour-don’t” and cover my eyes.

Call this “lowest-maintenance ever” do, and it works especially well on days in which you can let it air dry for a couple of hours to form the waves. One friend does something similar and goes to bed with it wet. Haven’t tried that method yet.

So my fellow hair-care friends, send any questions or comments or hints YOU have. After all, we must stick together on “To-Do’s” for our dos.


2 thick wet-head twisted pony tails, all hair pulled into these twists and laid up front around the neck

After, wavy curls

After, wavy curls


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