I’m away from my sweetie this Valentines Day, though he texted the most wonderful sentiments first thing this morning.

I had three delightful meetings today with girlfriends, two in their early 20’s both nearly engaged, and one in her mid 30’s.  These are savvy, successful women who have a strong identity, are truly feminine, and live purposefully.

We had the richest discussions about life, work, love, and making an impact. I left each refreshed and full, the kind of full that happens uniquely among women.

I also traded fond texts with two best friends, my Mom and sister earlier in the day, which caused me to pause and reflect on the fact that girlfriends really do rule when it comes to expressing love and causing our cups to overflow.

We intuitively know one another’s love languages and are quick to offer a cheer-you-up word or a handwritten note of encouragement.  I love kissing my husband but a hug from a girlfriend has more often than not got me through.

So whether this Valentines Day has been romantic or not, remember you can often count on heart-to-heart love from a sister more than a mister!

Sending all you faithful friends and readers my love this Valentines Day!


A new girlfriend surprised me with these exquisite flowers on my birthday yesterday, I was squealing for delight in our lobby, and was the envy of many passersby!

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