Girlfriends share tips and secrets, so here’s a latest fave find…

As someone whose worn nail polish virtually every single day for the last 30+ years (not exaggerating) I consider myself somewhat of an expert. 

There are several keys to a great polish, for me the biggest is staying power.  I do my own manicures so when I invest the time I like it to last.

Chanel nail polish drives the trends as far as colors each season, but sadly, it’s one of the most expensive (I’ve sprung for the $28/bottle more than once) and the worst for staying power.  Within even one or two days I’ve got chipped corners with Chanel.

Essie and OPI are great brands, both stay on quite well and have great colors. But, in the last few months I’ve discovered THE BEST EVER polish with staying power — FACE Stockholm

I discovered this brand thanks to their collaboration with J.Crew, which now stocks several colors each season in their stores.  (J.Crew recently added two FACE Stockholm lipsticks in the classic J.Crew orange red and true red shades.)

This polish not only stays on for over a week with no chipping, but it’s “three-free” formula contains no DPT, Tulene or Formaldehyde (don’t know what these are but they can’t be good right?)

The only FACE Stockholm retail stores in the U.S. are in New York, though they do sell small collections at some exclusive spas and retail outlets.  Check the website for details.

It was founded by an inspiring Mom/Daughter duo, another reason to love this brand. So girlfriend, if you’re looking for a polish with pizazz AND staying power, give this one a try.


Mom/Daughter founders, Gun and Martina

My three colors so far, Pinched Cheeks, Garnet, and Shimmer Platinum

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