The man on the escalator behind me says, “Are those cropped pants?”  “Why yes they are, ” I turn and smile.  “Okay Mary Tyler Moore,” he laughs, to which I add, “And black cropped pants are ALL the rage for fall!”  He walks off laughing, obviously grateful Mary told him the scoop.

Classic Mary

This month’s British Vogue is the source for the black cropped pant tip, and being a fan of Mary Tyler Moore brings to mind the principle that everything old is eventually new again.  It’s why I like vintage, AND why I’ve been thinking lately that I should read more historical biographies.

Somehow we assume that what’s NOW is NEW when typically it’s not.  The way we think, look, act, and feel has all been done before. King Solomon put it,

What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun. Ecclesiastes 1:9

This brings an interesting comfort. Maybe my dramas and traumas aren’t so bad afterall, or indicative that somehow I’m stranger than most.  Our mantra should be, What can I learn from those who’ve walked ahead?

You all know I enjoy following the trends, but the key is not just blindly adapting to the latest, greatest ideas.  First ask, “Should I?”  Second ask, “How should I?”

ImageWith black cropped pants for instance, there’s a lot of shin length that offers hem placement options.  Find the most flattering length for you and go with it. Don’t just take what an unknown manufacturer says will look right on you.

Living in an ever-changing culture is no different.  I must never let go of my standards of ethics or character to follow the neckline, headline, or pick-me-up line, even if trends say I should.

So all this to say, I’m pulling out the CBT (cropped black trouser) for fall, and having more listening conversations as a start to historical biographies.  Oh and maybe time to catch an old Mary Tyler Moore show too.  Because every modern working girl needs career tips that never grow old.

Happy weekend everyone!



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