It’s finally upon us, the wedding week of our son Jordan and his darling Cady who will marry this Saturday on a beautiful ranch near Tulsa.  Most posts this week will be about our adventures as we enJOY the moments with family and friends.

Many of you have asked how Jordan is doing.  The petscan showed only the known spots in his lungs and fortunately no cancer anywhere else, for this we are SOOO grateful!  His plan is to go to M.D. Anderson in Houston for further testing ASAP.  Will keep you posted and please do keep praying.  We know Who Heals and we’ve got our eyes fixed firmly upon Him.

Meanwhile, I’m reminded of a great truth in life, whether facing cancer, job loss, stress, or heartache, and it is this…We are living, not dying.  As long as we have breath and a heartbeat we are ALIVE.  We can choose to be a doomsday naysayer, or choose joy and hope instead.

Jordan and Cady are living this out right before our eyes.  Every day there’s a new story.  Ron and I just weep seeing how many caring friends have come out of the woodwork to bless them.  Even complete strangers!  From gifts like a honeymoon in Cancun, to financial investments, a team from Jordan’s office running to fight cancer, and a benefit happening this week, we are humbled and grateful by the outpouring of generous love.

I flew into Tulsa yesterday in time for Cady’s shower.  Beauties all around that room, age 11 to 75, indicative of Cady’s life of pouring out for others, and now experiencing it coming back to her ten-fold.  I just love the tradition of showers, whoever invented them THANK YOU for being so smart!

A journey of gratitude, so much gratitude…and hope, lots of hope, for all that awaits.  Saturday, June 29, 2013, we’ve got our eyes on YOU!

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