Seven summers ago we took all four boys with us for our first-ever African adventure. While they loved the hunts and safari, my highlight was a spot in Cape Town…the Highlands Guest House.

This place is like out of an Anne of Green Gables storybook, full of charm, character, and elegance. The kind of place where your soul is enlivened yet comforted, and you’d love to linger in the thick bath robe just one more hour please!

We stayed here again this year for the final three days in South Africa. I snapped a few photos but they won’t do justice to the charm and beauty this place holds. Enjoy!


Inside the lobby at the front desk.

Courtyard leading to the room.

View from the back

Love how the ivy is trained to grow between the steps

Too cool to swim but it sure looks inviting.

Two pools are better than one.

Outdoor sitting room, very Ralph Lauren-ish.

Real lions on safari, these lions here.

Sat in here for breakfast each day, such tranquility!

A traditional English breakfast is served each morning, plus eggs and oats to order (best oatmeal ever!)

I love a good urn.

Our Room No. 11

This brought to our room each morning (see earlier blog post on Reuben.)

Don’t tell you-know-who I posted this, but it’s the only good inside-the-room pic I have, (notice the 2, yes TWO laptops on one lap).

No such thing as too much ivy.

At least the gold fish got to swim.

Love a good set of heavy white-painted iron outdoor seating.

Made friends with this cuddly creature, she was obviously very happy to live here.

A fond farewell as off to the airport we go (with definite plans to return!)

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