You all know my love for interior design, so you’ll see why I was excited to stay in the Fire and Ice Hotel in South Africa.  We left this morning, but had to share some of the exquisite decor I’ve been drinking in over the last several days.  Will post more photos tomorrow.  Enjoy!

Lovely lobby, Audrey is pictured throughout the hotel, I think she’d be proud.

Small but glamorous room.

This is the bedroom carpet, I was squealing over this, the rose petals are woven into the carpet and randomly scattered around the room, never seen this before and it’s gorgeous! (Remember the Roses everywhere!!)

Great wallpaper, never tire of brocade!

Elegant corner spot.

Lamp over the desk, they have these lacy metal lamps throughout the hotel in various shapes and sizes, some with golden bulbs making them appear gold vs. silver.

View outside our balcony window, photo shoot by the pool. Model wearing neon green Louboutins, rightfully so!

More photos tomorrow, even more beautiful than these….

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