I’m a big fan of out-of-the-box thinking, something I came to during years when promised promotions, raises, and other dreams simply weren’t coming through.

During those disappointments and frustrations, the ability to see beyond the obvious to something not yet realized, was being cultivated in my life.

  • Denied promotions brought the urgency to pursue outside interests yielding relationships still treasured today
  • “Forced-on-me duties started out as “most hated” and turned into “most loved” (like writing the alumni magazine which built skills I’d need later as an author.)
  • Frustrating years of singleness included the freedom to DO more, FOR more, WITH more — far more than one single gal could have ever imagined she’d love so much

So many necessary talents, perspectives, nuggets of wisdom and credibility, come via unexpected means.  By persevering through every surprise turn we earn the “mental muscle reflex” that consistently EXPECTS something wonderful when disappointments happen.

Which leads me to the Missoni baby blanket……two weeks ago when Missoni for Target hit stores, I was traveling and unable to get into a store myself (though my wonderful assistant Whitney snagged a few requested items.)  I’m a long-time Missoni-fan, so a few days later, stores completely picked over, I spotted the beautiful blanket and knew instinctively I could use it for an original creation.  Maybe a pillow?  What about a shawl?  A dress became the final choice and I couldn’t be happier having this one-of-a-kind creation all my own.

The lesson?  Often our most creative moments come out of forced necessity.

What is frustrating you lately?  Keep flexing your “dreaming beyond the obvious” muscle and pray for creative insights to turn bummers into breakthroughs.  I promise you, hidden gifts (fashion or otherwise) await!

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