Patience….so many things in life require it, but at times it feels like it’s running out, not a drop left and still no breakthrough.

What’s a person to do when, like that last little bit of toothpaste, you’ve pushed, squeezed, twisted, and forced every last ounce of patience, yet still need more?

Patience is a virtue, but unlike the latest gadget I find on the internet, patience is much more elusive and often hard to come by.

One simple strategy does seem to help however…..having a clear, definitive picture of exactly what it is I’m waiting for — the PRIZE.

When I take my eyes off the angst of the wait and set them on the prize, I get a forward-looking, future-hoping, fulfillment-planning view on what is yet to come.  At times this exercise feels a bit fake or unrealistic, when contrary facts seem to be screaming all around.  Still, deciding to trust, believe, and watch for the things I desire, fixing them clearly in my mind, does deposit patience, much like a marathon pushes a training routine forward.

Patience in many respects, is the art of hoping.  And hope is a choice, not a feeling.  I choose to be a woman of hope because it’s better than being a hopeless woman full of despair.  Fortunately, I don’t have to be patient for everything all at once.  While waiting for one thing I can achieve another:

  • Waiting for a promotion I pursued outside-of-work volunteering where I was promoted quickly
  • Waiting to get a raise I learned the art of feeling rich on a dime, an art I’ve never lost
  • Waiting for a husband I traveled the world, pursued my career, discovered surprise gifts I didn’t know I’d love
  • Waiting for children I mentored others, and the skills of motherhood grew in my own life

In short, I may be stopped at a red light but I can put on lipstick.

Knowing I need patience, I agree to let it work into my being as I hold to the prize yet to come.  I will wait.  I will not compromise.  I cannot control timing but I can position myself to be ready, poised, and positioned to receive in God’s perfect time.

“Toned and buff” by patience, a lovely aspiration indeed.

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