LOVEyourLife1280x720-June3Tonight will be our second “Love Your Life” event here in NYC.  Our topic tonight is, “Overcome What’s Holding You Back” with special guest, Vera Moore who I’m so excited to interview.

Vera MooreVera celebrates 33 years in business this year. The actress turned entrepreneur is President & CEO of the highly competitive family owned business, Vera Moore Cosmetics. Established in 1979, Vera has built one of the most progressive and prestigious cosmetic and skincare lines for the global market, I’m a personal fan of her navy mascara which you can buy at Duane Reade and other national outlets.

Every week I’m hearing from women who attended the last event and are marveling at how a few new connections and one new idea can change the course of their path toward living their dreams.  Chris Elia, already a success in the television industry writes,

Hi Lynette, I just wanted to tell you what at blessing last month’s meeting was and how much it inspired me. Since I have a fulfilling and demanding job I really didn’t know what dreams I would have and how to pursue them. When you gave the tip for 1 dream, 1 step, once a week I realized I could do that. So that weekend I started writing the book. I love this new one step once a week rule because it takes the pressure off and makes it really easy. I don’t have to write the book in one week, I don’t have to do a movie in one week but I’m looking forward to what might happen after 52 steps. And I am really looking forward to the next Love Your Life event. Thank you so much for reaching out to NYC and inspiring us to dream even bigger.

So join us tonight if you’re in town (click on link above to register), or check out my blog tomorrow for a recap on what I share, “3 Things That Hold You Back,” and how you can overcome them, simply with amazing results.


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