We decided to take a walk in the park…

Enroute to the new apartment to meet the owners for the first time, a perfect-weather day in August, what a rare chance to talk and exercise.

It started out so lovely, holding hands, enjoying all the people-watching and extra-brisk-stepping, “Because we mustn’t be late!”

Then, about 20 minutes before our time to arrive, I got nervous. “I bet we’re going to be late. We cannot be late. They will think we are slackers,”  I expressed with sincere concern.

“We won’t be late,” he replied,  which calmed me for about 5 minutes.  Then, “Oh no, we’re going to be late, we’re only at 65th street. I hate when we’re late. It would be so nice if we could leave earlier for these things, instead of always cutting it so close and being late!”

“You’ll see,” he said.

And he was right. We were one minute early, “Just like the last five times when you were right,” I told him, sincerely sorry I’d made it such a big deal.

Alas, I’d missed out on the sweetness of the last half of our deserved-to-be-relished walk because of my obsessing. Fortunately though, he never let go of my hand.

As we got into the elevator going up to meet the landlords (who turned out to be delightful and would not have cared if we were late) Ron smiled and winked, “I’ll let you know when you really need to be concerned about being late.”

It was then I realized that so many moments are simply too sweet to obsess over, especially for a girl who waited years to be romanced.


Taken by my boyfriend later on our favorite rooftop at Ink 148 Hotel.

Taken by my boyfriend later on our favorite rooftop at Ink 148 Hotel.

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