What are your clothes, hairstyle, and makeup saying about you?

I got my hair cut and highlighted today, and always ask my stylist about any new trends she’s seeing in color or hairstyles.  We have great discussions about these and many other topics.

Something Amanda, my uber-talented stylist at Vannity Salon, told me today, struck a chord. Looking young to a large degree, is about keeping your hair current.  As she says to many of her clients, “I know you love your stacked bob, but we need to modernize it a bit!”

Amanda is referencing the tendency we all have to fall into a rut when it comes to our appearance.  It’s easier to keep the same hairstyle, makeup (colors/techniques) and wardrobe, than it is to spend time updating.

This observation isn’t meant as an indictment.  Not everyone is as interested in keeping current on trends as I am, and yes, finances can be an issue. 

Still, I believe our “presence” which includes both style and personality, can open up possibilities and opportunities when we’re saying through that presence, “I’m in-the-know and care.”

I offer a corporate women’s workshop on “Executive Presence,” and in studying some iconic women like Oprah and Hillary Clinton, it’s fascinating to consider the evolution of their style over time.  Neither would be considered leading “style mavens”, but both have changed up their looks and, I think, look better today than ever.  In many ways they look young.

Is looking young the end-all goal?  No, and certainly staying young in mind, heart, and spirit, is the more worthy pursuit.  Still, if you want to open up every possibility, it merits considering.

Here are my favorite techniques for looking young and current:

  • Go to a quality hair stylist who you trust, one who pushes you to look your best in color and style.
  • At least once a year visit a quality make-up counter and ask for latest tips on colors and techniques. Lipstick colors, nail colors, and even eye-liner techniques make such a huge difference in appearing “current.”
  • Read at least one style/fashion magazine or blog each season to learn about what’s in and what’s out.
  • Get your clothes altered to keep the lines updated, or shop at consignment shops or T.J. Maxx, Wal-Mart and Target for affordable buys that appear fresh.  I saw a work dress at Target yesterday on sale for $12, super cute and right on trend.
  • Work out, stay fit and slim. It’s surprising what a difference this makes in both a mental and physical sense of youth and confidence.
  • Take care of your skin by drinking lots of water and not skimping on basic skin routines such as cleansing and moisturizing.
  • Smile, it takes years off your face!

Same woman, same hairstyle, but the makeup and smiling in the photo on the right make her look far younger and convey a very different presence.

The “Executive Presence” evolution of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

This article I happened upon recently in the London edition of In Style magazine, talking about how the french manicure is back in style again, but with a different twist.

Former White House Press Secretary, Dana Perino, with a chic update to the bob. In this photo she wears it straight, other times she wears it blow-dried back with a bit more wave, either way it’s classy and updated, with layers and natural-looking blonde highlights.

In the spirit of the season had to include this photo, both looking young and current, in pink for (I’m assuming) Breast Cancer Awareness Month. (Interesting article contrasting the price of their two outfits here in US Magazine, be sure to read beyond the headline.)

Thank you Amanda, for helping me practice what I preach!

I must mention that no one more than my own mother, has taught by example the value of looking your best and staying current, thanks Mom!

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