This bright sunny afternoon I was finishing a run in Central Park when my eyes fell upon these three bears.  Having run by these guys probably 300 times (no exaggeration) I have NEVER seen them before.

They’re right by the running path, just a few feet from where I pass every time.

Isn’t this how our busy lives are so often? We follow familiar paths and miss beautiful sights right in our midst.

I often pray, “Lord give me eyes to see the gifts all around.” It also he

lps when people in my life point out beautiful surroundings. Children are especially good at this, noticing many small treasures like bugs and pennies.

What have you been missing lately? Are there gifts in your current job or circles of relationships that with a few pauses to consider, might represent new opportunities?

My husband Ron was in my circles for a long time before an “aha moment” woke up my heart to the possibilities. Similarly, a job I didn’t love and a boss I didn’t like both over time, became gifts I’d never trade.

Goldilocks was nowhere to be found today, but these three bears were a good reminder that fresh eyes are often more essential than a new job, new relationship, or new paycheck.


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