….I mean really, all we asked him to do was drop by and assess the property for some landscaping ideas.

Returning from our week out of town, he had cut ALL of them. Every last solitary rose bud on every bush cut right off the top.  I had already pruned them way back in the spring, so to come in our yard like this now and cut back every colorful bloom?  The nerve.

He assured me via text that he didn’t touch our bushes.  WHAT?  Must’ve been our other friend who watered the plants for the week.  I bet she needed a bouquet.

Then 24 hours later SHE showed up.  Snacking on my hydrangeas like she owned the restaurant.  Along with her two adorable babies.  DEER me, DEER MEAT stealing all my goodies!!


There she is, two feet from our front door, maybe eating for two?

I honestly felt bad, reminded I’m too quick to assume the worst, that someone must’ve taken this or done that or flubbed up.  I don’t want to be negative and am honestly working on this critical thing, literally.

Even if someone does flub up, what about grace, grace and mercy and room to fail?  Ron offered venison stew but I said cuteness wins this time. Cuteness, grace, and patience.  Patience til they grow again…people and roses.

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