woman-in-white-blouse-holding-hands-upAhhh the number of times I’ve said this!

If ONLY I could figure out WHAT’s going on and WHY, I could deal with it. But this not knowing and understanding, ugh!  Anyone relate?

So many situations in life start out with what feels like only a sneak peek, maybe a trailer of sorts. We get a glimpse of what might be going on, or could possibly be about to take place.  But it’s all so mysterious. And we’re left to wonder if we’re just naively hopeful, or maybe a little bit “out there” out of touch with reality.

So tough to understand delays, difficult people, lack of people (i.e. no husband in sight), mistreatment, misfortune, mistakes, and a host of other possible “mis-es” that produce the proverbial “What gives?”

Moments like this can tempt us to go to a bad place mentally.  We start questioning ourself, others, and even God, wondering, “Does anyone notice or give a rip I’m out here in never-never land alone without real answers??”

I’ve learned time and again, the best way to deal with not understanding is go to a larger place of hope and trust. Refuse to go negative; go positive.

If I don’t understand then perhaps I’m not meant to right now. In these places of not knowing I learn to depend on bigger truths. Truths such as:

  • God is in control, I’m not
  • These circumstances are working for my good, regardless of what I see
  • Not seeing is actually teaching me about faith right now
  • I need others to help me endure, can’t do this alone, I need their faith. Older, wiser mentors are so vital in life, they’ve been here done that and can help me get wisdom from this juncture
  • Tenacity wins, and perseverance proves us worthy of rewards

When you find yourself in a juncture of not understanding, let it take you to places of broader understanding, the kind you get when the plane you’re flying in goes to a higher altitude. Roads and trees get smaller and smaller as you go higher and higher, and you’re reminded of just how small you are and how big the rest of the world and its Creator is.

Big questions lead to bigger wisdom. I’m cheering you on for great hope and courage ahead…

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