We had dinner last night with our new friend Steve Bowersox.  He’s been staying in our home since arriving via life flight with his 5 year old son Ben, whose little fingers were cut off in an airplane hangar accident a week ago.

Brook and Ben

Brooke and Ben

Little Ben is a trooper, and the story has been broadcast on many news stations (see full story here on Facebook link).  Dad, Steve, is also a trooper, and a great man of faith. Ben is a twin to Brooke, and their mother, Steve’s wife Kathy, died of cancer two years ago.  To say Steve knows loss and tragedy is an understatement.

Over dinner last night he and Ron were discussing how in times of great trial, some will ask, “Where is God in all of this?” yet these two men see God all over this, this and other trials both have had in common.

Which inspired me to realize again that outlooks on life are everything.  Hope is a choice, joy is a posture, faith is a decision. God IS involved for good, always for good and redemption.  In fact ONLY He can bring good out of tragedy, and redeem what was meant for evil for our good.

Steve Bowersox

Steve Bowersox

Learning to take this outlook is like working a muscle group. Faith and hope muscles grow through stretching and use, when left unused they atrophy.  We see this all around us…those who grow more bitter and hardened by loss, and those who emerge from fires even more confident and strong.

Are some naturally more optimistic or privileged?  Maybe, but all of us can look for gifts amidst rubble, and discover gold in the search.

I’m inspired by Steve and Ben, and want to emulate their determination to hold on to God’s goodness, no matter the loss. How about you?

Have a wonderful week, stretching your faith muscles and discovering gold.


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