Lynette was the keynote speaker for a sold-out luncheon that included her popular “Branding Your Future Now” workshop. 650 accounting professionals learned and applied tools for leveraging their current brand, and expanding it to their next desired place.

Lynette began this workshop by emphasizing the success of each participant in their career thus far, motivating them that in fact they already have a strong personal brand and are thus perfectly positioned to do their next dream. She discussed the power of a dream or goal that is personal, not about the company though it may leverage the company, but the sense of personal empowerment and motivation that comes when we recognize we are the beneficiaries of our work, not just giving it all away for the business.
This realization and identification of a dream helps us see every project, person, and paycheck as a means to achieving our personal goals and dreams, it motivates us to new levels and helps us look with hope and courage toward the future. We recognize that personal development is about just that, personally taking ownership for our own path and dreams. Yes we work hard and invest ourselves for the good of our business, but we also make use of every season to get to the future we desire most. Emphasis was made that this learning is a leadership tool and when applied to their teams back home can have similar motivational impact as they experienced today.
As usual, Lynette shared many anecdotes and examples of how this can work for them. She explained the 3 “Brand Barriers” that hold us back and how to overcome those. Participants indicated that the biggest “win” in this workshop was the personal discovery and plan that each person took away. They felt motivated and empowered to go out and do it!

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