We’ve enjoyed two awesome Christmas parties in the last few days, first for our King’s Park staff Friday night, and then our Every Nation NYC team Monday evening.

In a year when our family has endured so much, Ron and I have often marveled at how everyone has covered and stood with us this year.

When you go through intense trials, you discover many things you took for granted before. We’ve been in hospital rooms, on flights, or out at the ranch saying, “Isn’t so and so such a gift?” One by one they’ve all given so much.

They’ve texted, served, written cards, brought meals, and prayed a thousand prayers. Like a coordinated army of trained cadets, we’ve seen excellence in action, compassion running over, and grace abounding to us, for us.

Sometimes it’s hard to be on the receiving end, but this year it’s been our turn and in turn, we love saying thanks and recognizing all they’ve given.

“Every dream needs a team,” says John C. Maxwell. Whose on your team? Maybe they’re’ not organized like an official team, but they’re those who you go to and depend on, one by one when the going get tough. When you win they win, and vice versa.

This year we’ve had teams, and they’re a dream. We love doing life with you superstars!! Here are just a few of them…


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