I had the honor of opening the “Reach Out Celebration” conference last night at Manna Church in Fayetteville, NC.

Pastor Michael Fletcher and his beautiful wife Laura, along with their eight children, are leading one of the greatest churches around, full of such diversity, life, and excitement.

This annual conference focuses on the vision of their global outreaches and strategies to feed the poor, rescue sex slaves, and bring justice.

Here are notes from the message I shared, and I’ll share the link to the podcast as soon as it posts.

Journey Toward a Life of Significance

Every person is significant and longs for significance. It is a journey, with three specific junctures that can make or break our ability to finish and reach full significance.

Juncture #1 — Delays

Who likes delays?  I hate them, and yet so often they occur and leave us wondering what’s wrong with us or what’s wrong with God. Why wouldn’t He want our bodies healed now, our finances turned around now, our wayward child back in the fold now?

Waiting is inevitable and there are two lies that can torment us in the midst of waiting. Lie #1 — You’re UNqualified. Lie #2 — You’re DISqualified. Good news it’s never been about our own qualifications anyway. 1 Corinthians 1:26 says it best, encouraging us to remember that God chooses the foolish things of the world to shame the wise, the weak to shame the strong.

Juncture #2 — Denial

At times the things we desire most are simply denied.  I lost a pregnancy at two months. Heartbroken and devastated it was in the midst of this grief that we started StopChildTraffickingNow.org to combat the scourge of child sex trafficking.  I concluded if I couldn’t have my own child I could go save someone else’s. Often the best thing to do in our own pain is offer our hands to a bigger cause.

One challenge at this juncture is not misinterpreting signs.  A stop sign is not a parking place. Neither is a dead-end sign a cemetery. Don’t stop and quit when you run into these signs.  We get “know-how” by moving forward, not knowing how.

Juncture #3 — Disaster

Sometimes all hell breaks loose. As if a bomb goes off in our midst devastation and trauma are all around. This was the story when our son, Jordan, was diagnosed with Stage 4 sinus cancer just 19 months ago. His is a story of perseverance, faith, prayers, and eventual recovery. He came out, and so will YOU!

Your journey toward significance is about engaging, diving in, not buying lies, not waiting for a perfect moment to get involved in making a difference. It’s not about feeling qualified, but rather choosing to engage and becoming qualified along the way. People are watching you, waiting for you. It’s your time.

Let’s PRAY. Let’s GIVE. Let’s GO!!  Here’s to your life of great significance.

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