I’m the only one awake in our house, excited about today, thankful for the Gift of all gifts came to earth to set us free.

I’ll be pulling together our Christmas brunch shortly….Sister Schubert’s Blueberry Cream Cheese cinnamon rolls, eggs benedict with sauteed spinach, lox, or canadian bacon depending on requests, fruit salad, Waterford crystal and Christmas china, plus lots of coffee for our crew.

Thankful for all my readers and friends worldwide…may today bring you and your family close, and be a reminder that life’s best gifts are free but priceless.

Merry Christmas with love…

View through my kitchen to the living room, so festive in an all-quiet house!

Sister Schubert makes my life simple! This flavor only available between Thanksgiving and Christmas, delectable!!

This sauce makes eggs benedict a breeze, thank you Trader Joes!

We should pull out the Waterford crystal more often!

Merry Christmas from Ron and I!

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