Thank you generous friend Christine Martin, love these stiletto cupcakes!

Thank you generous friend Christine Martin, love these stiletto cupcakes!

I had a delightful late-night hangout last night with about 15 women in Christine Martin’s suite at the Ultimate Life Conference in Orlando.

We were all pastors’ wives, in our 20’s to our 50’s, eating yummy treats including stiletto cupcakes.  They asked me to share but the best part was hearing from them and being reminded of how much we all have in common.  Things like:

  • Guilt from not doing it all well, be that housekeeping, taking time for our kids and husbands, or mentoring others
  • Uncertainty about what to be in charge of and what to delegate
  • Wanting to live our dreams but not sure how to fit them into otherwise uber-busy lives
  • Feeling lots of expectations when it comes to being a pastor’s wife, though we consider it an honor most the time

We didn’t have all the answers for one another, but there’s something very comforting about realizing your internal voices are not solos, and other women know how you feel.

Which reminds me of how much women need women, regardless of the men in our lives (or lack thereof!)  Women have always done life together, be it around the campfires or on the soccer fields.  Men will never totally relate to our challenges and there’s nothing like a girlfriend to affirm how you look, what you wear, and your sometimes feeble attempts at being a good mom, employee, and friend.

So here’s to all the girlfriend gatherings, and more to come!

Speaking of this, for all my friends in NYC, remember this coming Monday night is our Love Your Life event and we want to see you there!

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