A busy busy day of meetings and errands, including picking up our beautifully reupholstered couch, a gift from my mother-in-law Genie, which will now be at home in the newly redecorated “green room” at our church, KPIC.

It was fun to learn today, that the owner of the store that reupholstered the sofa, Furbish, one of my very FAVE shops in Raleigh for all things home decor, posted our newly redone couch on the front page of their website.  

Jamie Meares, the owner of Furbish, has great style, as do all the fun girls who work for her in the store.  Jessica was my personal assistant on this project, and could not have been more enjoyable or talented.  I’m quite honored they considered our couch and the fabric I chose, worthy of their website!

Here’s the photo (I’ll be using different pillows), and stay tuned for more before and after photos of the green room coming soon!

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