Lynette led a pilot series for four weeks at King’s Park International Church, during November, with 100 participants and a large waiting list for the next series to come.  Content was based on her popular corporate seminars and incorporated Biblical content.

Participants spent Friday nights writing a personal purpose statement, developing a dream-action plan, working on strategies for overcoming barriers and the “lies of logic” that hold us back from pursuing and living dreams. Each session was a combination of teaching and personal application, with personal coaching from Lynette offered in between sessions.

The final Friday night session involved a surprise guest appearance by artist Eleatta Diver leading class members through “painting their dreams” on small canvases, followed by a commissioning service for each person, dream in hand!

Participants gave rave reviews and expressed eagerness for further tools and support groups, now being organized.

This pilot program will serve as the basis for Lynette’s upcoming curriculum, leadership materials, and workbook available in the Spring, 2013.

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