If you’re anywhere near the Raleigh-Durham area this Saturday don’t miss our special “Leading on Purpose” workshop, 9-Noon at KPIC.

This will be a motivating and equipping session designed to help you…

Write a personal purpose statement for your life and work

Get in tune with one or two dreams in your heart that build upon your purpose

Understand the “Dream Busters” and how to overcome what holds you back

Learn a simple but powerful strategy that helps busy people make room for their purpose/dreams

Gain new motivation, encouragement, and inspiration from other women just like you who are on similar paths

I’m pulling out all the stops for this event, offering a drastically reduced price for what corporations pay thousands to experience.  For just $10 this is a “can’t-afford-to-miss-it” deal and we’re even offering free childcare so girlfriends, you simply MUST come!!

Here’s what one of our fall participants had to say about this class:

Often events like this can be on the back burner of our minds if we’re buried  in goldfish, sippy cups and diapers; or “Goodnight Moon” is our inspired reading for the day.  If you can relate, this event is ESPECIALLY for you.

During the seminar, I quickly realized I was living on the tail end of dreams I had more than 10 years ago.  In the busyness of it all, I had not taken the time to even think about what I wanted the next 10 years to look like.  

What better time to refine your dreams and purpose while we are waiting patiently for our little blessings to learn basic skills :-).  I even walked away with a renewed vision on how to encourage my own children’s dreams and purpose. 

Here is the link to the registration website, please send it out, tweet it out, and post on your Facebook page:  http://ow.ly/iRHao If you need childcare please email [email protected] and list the number of children, their name(s), and age(s).

I’m personally so thrilled to be able to bring this workshop to the women in the Triangle area. See you this Saturday!

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