An Online Course to Know Your Life Purpose and Start Living Your Dreams Now

Can you articulate your life purpose in one simple sentence?

Do you see your bigger dreams taking shape amidst a busy work schedule?

Are you tired of your typical routine and want a practical roadmap on where to go next?

Leading on Purpose includes six modules taught by Lynette Lewis, just like those taught in her live workshops the last 20 years. 

Now, you get to experience this content personalized just for you.

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Leading on Purpose is an interactive audio-based masterclass that walks you through writing your personal purpose statement, then connecting it to the work and relationships you have now.

After purpose comes dreams, creating paths to fulfilling them without having to change jobs or careers. Now THAT’s a winning combination!

Whether you are in school and wondering what career choices to make, or are well on your life journey wanting clarity on what’s next, this class will help you know your purpose and live your dreams starting today.

A message from lynette

I am overjoyed to bring you my most life-transforming workshop called, Leading on Purpose, for the first time ever in an online format.

This content literally changed my life during two very distinct times when I felt hopeless, helpless, and at a dead-end in my personal life and career journey.

The first was in my late 20’s, when all my closest friends were doing what I thought I’d be doing — getting married, buying their first home, starting families, while I was working long hours in a job I liked, but often wondered, “Is this all there really is?”

The second time was just weeks after the September 11 tragedies that rocked New York City and our entire world. I was still single, nearly 40 years old, and once again full of questions like, “Why Am I Doing This,” and “What Should I Do Next?”

You can read in my full professional bio (here) what transpired in my journey and this Leading on Purpose content is why so many dreams have come true personally and professionally, including…

– Navigating a global Firm to six new promotions and roles created just for me
– Marrying my worth-the-wait husband at age 42, inherited four wonderful stepsons
– Launching a paid speaking career
– Writing and publishing two best-selling books
– Starting an international non-profit raising over $1 million, activating over 10,000 volunteers, organizing a Stilettos Run in NY that broke a world record
– Becoming a regular guest and spokesperson on national television and media outlets
– And fulfilling dozens more dreams, because of the strategies in Leading on Purpose

In short, Leading on Purpose took me from SURVIVE to THRIVE in every area in my own life and the lives of others too, around the world for over 20 years.

No matter the age, results are always the same — a glowing confidence of “This is why I’m here,” with so many dreams given roadmaps for real life achievement.

I can’t wait to be your personal teacher, coach, and guide as you invest in your WHY, get definition and direction, then take it to others who will be inspired by how you live, dream, and lead every day.

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The Leading on Purpose Program Includes

    • Six audio modules guiding you step-by-step through writing your life purpose statement and identifying your biggest dreams


    • Printable worksheets walking you through exercises that create a step-by-step plan for connecting your purpose, your dreams, and your relationships


    • Tools for overcoming the lies and patterns that are holding you back


    • A “Dream Team Agenda” for finding the people to join you in accelerating and extending your purpose and dream strategy


    • Bonus Module 7 on connecting your personal faith to your purpose journey

You get all this life-changing content, worth over $2,500, for just $359! That’s less than you would pay for one hour of executive coaching.

Imagine how you will feel going from HOPING you’re on the right path into KNOWING you are!  You’ll be living your dream-life — a life that keeps you energized and motivated every single day.

what participants are saying…


  • Exercises to uncover your deepest passions and skills
  • Write a personal purpose statement that becomes your GPS
  • Clarity on who you are and what you REALLY want to do



  • Identify 1 or 2 new dreams to pursue this year (your energy booster)
  • How to get in touch with your deepest dreams and desires
  • Know which dream(s) to focus on now, and which ones should wait a bit longer
  • Making time for your dream amidst a busy, committed schedule



  • Start immediately living on purpose
  • Identify new opportunities and people in the job you have now, no matter how much you like or dislike your current job, industry, or boss



  • Aligning people you know with what you need next for your purpose and dreams
  • The Power of a Personal Board of Directors



  • How to stay motivated, keep moving, and see real results
  • Overcome the 5 most threatening “Lies of Logic” that will hold you back or set you back
  • Find Your Dream Team to help you stay the course



    • Transferring this learning to your leadership roles
    • Growing in leadership and being tapped for unique leadership opportunities


Bonus Module Seven – FAITH AT WORK

    • Unlocking God’s power for your purpose and your work
    • Creating a stronger connection between your work and your faith journey
    • Increasing your peace and power in facing obstacles and challenges
    • Gaining supernatural insights and wisdom for working with people and leading others
    • Positioning yourself for promotion and miraculous open doors
    • Unlocking even deeper joy and satisfaction only possible when faith is at work

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How long do I have access to the modules?
You will always have access to the modules.

How do I access the program?
You will receive an email with login details after purchase. From there, you will be able to log in and go through the program at your own pace from anywhere and on any device.

Can you watch the lessons at any time with this course?
Yes! You will have access to the program and all resources at any time, so you will be able to watch at any time and at your own pace.

How much time do I need to invest in this? You can invest as much or as little into this course as you would like. The pace of each module will depend on how much time you take to ponder, dream, and write out your discoveries. The course itself is 6 modules with a bonus module 7. Each module lasts approximately 25 to 35 minutes. To get the most out of the course, you will want to spend 30 minutes to several hours on personal application exercises per module. Some modules ask for more time than others.

What if I have no clue where to even begin with my purpose or my dreams?
Each module guides you through a personal discovery process, helping you ask the right questions and ponder your answers in order to uncover indicators and ultimately help you confidently know and articulate your life purpose, then connect it to your dreams.

If I’m already happy with my work, do I really need this course?
Knowing your life purpose is very different than just enjoying your work. We all enjoy many things, but how do we choose the right path, at the right time, and build incremental growth toward stronger and stronger purpose living? That is what this course is designed to give you — definition and confidence that you are indeed doing the work you are created to do, work that will have the biggest impact on the world.

I’m already tired and overextended, how can I make room for this course, much less new dreams?
Leading on Purpose will unlock new energy reserves. Think of it like a great closet organizer who comes in and in no time flat puts all your “stuff” into piles such as the “keep”, “throw out”, and “give away” piles. The discoveries you make in this course, likewise, will help you know what to keep and what to set aside, with new energy and excitement reserved for what really matters.

Once I know my life purpose, will I have to change careers or leave my job to really go live it?
One of the unique differentiators about this program is that once you know your life purpose, you can literally work at any job, for any boss, with little time, and CREATE a purposeful dream life starting immediately. The tools in these modules help you know exactly HOW to do this and KEEP doing this every day.

Can this program help my leadership roles too?
YES, this content is a road map for teaching others to know their purpose, and be better followers and leaders themselves. It helps manage time, focus, and relationships in a directed way, positioning every person on the team for reaching their fullest potential, with the greatest impact.

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