So this will be the last wedding-related post, but wanted you all to get the chance to see the powerful video we showed at Jordan and Cady’s wedding rehearsal.

When I heard our friend, Jason Crabb, sing this in concert several months ago, it so captured the spirit of Jordan’s cancer journey, AND how the love of his family, friends, and now his wife Cady, have carried him and us through.

There wasn’t a dry eye in the room when this video played, and I hope it will bless you as well.  Whatever you are facing, amidst the questions, trials, pain and suffering, when life is tough, love is stronger.

Flying out shortly for our trip home, filled with wonder and gratitude for a week of God’s generous love for us and our family.  Thank you for all your notes, comments, and prayers on our behalf.

Ron’s birthday is tomorrow and all of THIS is a gift.

Here’s the video:

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