My dear friends, we have been truly overwhelmed at your outpouring of love over our amazing news of Victoria Joy and Isabella Grace. Over 10,000 have watched our video, and we keep hearing about tears flowing.

Mine are too, even last night as I watched our two darlings sleeping in the middle of the night after we fed them, I was overcome again at the goodness of God. Tears of pain turned to tears of gladness. Gratitude. Thank you Lord for doing it THIS way. When there seemed to be NO way, you were making a perfect way.

He HEARS. He ANSWERS. Every cry of your heart that you’ve forgotten He hasn’t. When you’ve wondered if anyone is up there. Wondered how and why and when and if. Let me assure you that your wonder will turn to wonder. WonderFULL.

In time, perfect time. Not late. Not less. Not cheated. Not the leftovers. But the stored-up-for-you abundance that He’s planning even now.

Keep your hands and eyes open. Watch with expectation. Your hope will not be cut off.

A few more photos since many are asking for them…and watch my instagram for daily moments we’re savoring!

IMG_9270 IMG_9353



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