…treats you with total, unabashed honor and respect.

Emma Stone, from the movie set of The Help

I’m pondering all the observations I make of women, beauties with so much to offer. Sadly even their Instagram photos look…shall we say…needy.

So here’s to all my beautiful, lovely, so-much-to-offer friends.  Please hold fast to the ranks of excellent women who have proven for years, you don’t have to….

  • Let it all hang out….yours is a treasure chest (literally), and men like mystery, the excitement of more to come.
  • Change yourself to please him….men respect a woman with a mind of her own who will kick their butt now and then.
  • Hang out at places where lots of men gather….men like hunting, searching high and low to find a prize all their own.
  • Put up with his disrespect…respect is the foundation of loving someone deeply.
  • Give him sex before marriage…the most intense act of covenant is worth the joy of payment. Like driving a car you own, it’s yours and not a rental. You treat it with white glove love.
  • Hold back on your passion for God…even men without faith respect a woman with it. If he can’t handle your God passion, why would you give him any other passion?
  • Wait and wait for a ring….if he really wants you he will put a ring on it, sooner vs. later.

I could go on and on, but suffice it to say what Aibileen Clark says in the movie, The Help (which I joyfully watched for a second time the other night)

You is kind. You is smart. You is important.

And the right man will know it.



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