Two of our new building friends, helping Mr. Protocol hang a mirror and a chandelier.

So we moved last week. Moving in NYC is an entirely unique experience. Rules and regulations in every building, limited timeframes when elevators are available, furniture that doesn’t fit in the elevator, and cranky people griping (I would be one of them.)

Enter Ron Lewis, a man who understands protocol.

Protocol is about etiquette, and boy does it come in handy. Etiquette is about serving others, doing the right thing, showing honor. Two of our friends have served in the U.S. Government’s Office of Protocol and boy do they have stories of flub ups and break downs.

We were threatened with these ourselves at every turn amidst our move….

When the movers arrived and only one spoke English, Ron put a hand on their shoulders and welcomed them in. When their foreman called to announce we’d be billed more for wait time, Ron kindly explained, “We’re fair people and we will do the right thing but there’s been a misunderstanding.”

Clocks ticking, traffic thick, extra stuff to get rid of, doormen we’ve known for 6 years to say thank you and goodbye to, and a stressed out wife waiting at the new apt., “These people are crazy if they think we can get this in by 4:30!”

Mr. Calm raised the protocol flag high and led us through yet again. Tipping the workers, looking in eyes, shaking hands, buying frappucinos for drivers. Protocol comes from practice by the way, and this man has years of such.

The next morning, every muscle in our bodies groaning, I was grateful, “You did it honey, you made it all happen, kept everyone calm and happy, including me!”

So glad I married a man who knows protocol….and gives a good backrub too.





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