…has judgment you trust.

Ah the joys of a wise man with good judgment!  I often say to Ron, “Can you just run my life?” knowing his decisions are so often better than mine.

Wives are told to respect their husband (biblical mandate) and it makes this easier when you marry a man whose judgment you trust.

Good judgment reflects itself in many ways….decision-making on life issues such as work, money, time management, and most importantly people.  It’s not that tough to assess good judgment because looking at the “fruit” tells us lots about the tree.

Too often we women look past judgment and focus on potential.  It’s part of our gift package for nurturing greatness in others, as mothers and friends.  But marrying potential is a huge risk, since the potential for disappointment is as strong as potential for change. 

Believe me, I dated my share of men with lots of potential, hung on way past when I should have, hoping against hope they would rise up and embrace good judgment.  Just last week I was thanking God loudly in my car for NOT granting those prayers fervently prayed over relationships I so desperately wanted to succeed. 

His denials were actually answers — answers to “higher prayers,” those prayers we pray in moments of strength like, “Lord give me a marriage that brings glory to you and leads to a joyful, fruitful life.”

Eligible men with great judgment are not easy to come by, but they are out there, and if you haven’t found yours yet, keep your eyes wide open, assess honestly, and refuse to compromise.

(Clearly I’m talking to single women here, not married women who may get discouraged when their husband’s judgment is lacking…another blog for another time.)

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