….is interesting to listen to.

Afterall, you’ll hear him tell his stories over and over throughout a lifetime together, so why not marry someone you actually enjoy listening to?

I was reminded of this today in Johannesburg while meeting with His People Jo’Burg church staff and leaders. 

Ron shared an encouraging teaching on not backing off or being timid, but being bold when we pray, asking God for BIG things.  He quoted James 4:2, “You have not because you ask not,” among several other rich passages.

Great time with this A-plus team!

Afterwards, interesting husband took me to the hotel “Milkshake Bar.”

Creamy dreamy love in a glass….pumpkin caramel marshmallow….the pumpkin makes it high fiber, and never mind the supposed 1,200 calories per glass.  As a true ice cream connoisseur, I give this one a gold medal.  Lovin’ the very chic cracked glass counter.

Interesting, perfect-date-boyfriend enjoying his own blueberry treat. 

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