I grew up Mennonite (anyone who knows Mennonites would have guessed given my maiden name Troyer.)

Since I’m heading to Lancaster, PA (the heart of Mennonite and Amish country) to speak at a women’s conference this weekend, thoughts are drifting back to many things I’m grateful for in growing up Mennonite, not the least of which is FOOD! 

Certainly there are more things to appreciate than this, but given Amish and Mennonites are known for their cooking, many childhood memories include these treats….

Brown Sugar Oatmeal Cake (recipe on my website, so YUM and even better the 2nd day)

Grandma’s pumpkin pie, just the right balance of fluff and substance, extra irresistible in the Mackenzie Childs pie plate.

We Mennonite girls can whip up a cobbler, blackberry is my husband’s favorite, and mini ones parlay the guilt.

Husband enjoying it, two scoops are better than one.

Homemade ice cream is a big Mennonite treat, fortunately Cuisinart makers have replaced the hand-cranked types for faster results. Last summer we hit upon a new recipe, fresh mint from the garden steeped in the milk mixture plus shaved chocolate for the most delicious awesome mint chocolate chip creamy delight you’ll ever put your palate to, oh my, thinking of it now is making me drool for the cool.

Other classic Amish/Mennonite treats would include cinnamon yeast rolls, shoofly pie, and the ever-famous Auntie Anne’s type pretzels.  Lancaster here I come!!

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