Some people just have the knack…

We had a delightful dinner at Mike and Sarah Schall’s last night.  Sarah is a gifted cook with talents for sewing, baking, and child-rearing, not to mention helping her husband coach high school girls on what matters most in life.

Their delightful four children were a joy to have around the dinner table, and we were particularly impressed when each of the kids shared questions they had written down and wanted to ask us.

Turns out their Dad often tells them, “You never know who you might meet on planes, in random moments, and you always need to be prepared with questions, so you won’t miss the chance to learn something valuable.”

Annabelle, age 10, began with her question, followed by Sam, Andrew, and 2 yr old Mia who didn’t have a question but delivered plenty of entertaining sweetness.

They asked about surprising things, “How many missions trips have you been on?  Which missions trip did you like the most? What is your favorite city?”

Their bright eyes took in every answer, and we were reminded how learning this skill of inquisition benefits everyone.

We left with full hearts, stomachs, and gratitude for excellent parenting. Ron reflected on the “ask questions” skill this morning saying, “I wish I’d focused more on that one while raising my kids.”

Asking questions makes others feel valued and esteemed, it opens up dialogue, reminds us what we all have in common, and teaches us truths in up close and personal ways that books and TV can’t offer.

The Schalls and so many others, remind us that great families still exist, and shining kids with inquisitive hearts, will grow up making a difference.

The Schall Family

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