Some Mondays are a real drag, missing the weekend and wondering why we’re doing the job we’re doing.

At the same time, we realize being alive and well is a gift, regardless of the job at hand, so we carry on and hold our heads high.

Acting joyful often leads to feeling joyful, so it’s a worthwhile exercise and one I’ve practiced on many a Monday morning.

Counting blessings vs. counting down the days til the weekend is a more productive effort and does take discipline, but over time yields great dividends mentally, physically, emotionally, and environmentally. 

Who wants to be around someone negative?  In this sense we’re all environmentalists. Creating life-giving atmospheres of hope and possibility will position you well for your own EPA (environmental protection agency) guarding against negative winds.

So here’s to another week of doing our part in making a difference, whether from the corner office or the corner diner.  Let your light shine!

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