Isn’t life so often mundane?

Things we have to do every day, rain or shine, feeling like it or not.  Like brushing teeth, commuting, sitting in meetings, watering plants, doing tasks at home and work that are necessary, but not at all glamorous.

Glamorous…now isn’t that the way we picture our futures?  Find a dream job, dream spouse, dream boss, all stirring us to the core and enlivening our hearts every day all the time.  Yes, that’s the ticket!

Reality soon sets in though, life is more daily than dynamic, more ritual than radiant.  And maybe in truth, mundane isn’t all that bad, but it’s just so… mundane.


Sundy caught me on camera, pouring over a blog

Someone asked me recently, “How do you stay motivated to blog every day?”  Interesting to ponder. Frankly, there are many days when blogging feels mundane.  I’ve done it five days a week for almost a year now, missing only a couple days here and there.  So what keeps me motivated?  YOU!

Maybe someone out there needs hope, a nugget of truth that brings courage. Perhaps my little perspective will brighten their day and help them hang on.

One of the greatest motivators amidst mundane is keeping our eyes on people. Why do I fold laundry? Because there are people in my house who wear clothes.  Wow, my house is full of people, with clothes, dressed well, doing productive things that make their clothes dirty.  And am I the only one who feels thankful for a washer and dryer when our grandparents hung things to dry?

Why do I sit in meetings? Because I have a job. Why put on makeup? Because people actually look at me (and deserve to not be scared!)

What are your mundane tasks that are really signs of wonder, indicators you are engaged, active, alive, and important?

All of these perspectives are “measures” that show value.  Measures like precious people, outcomes of value that may take years to show but are worth it.  And let’s not forget that serving in the mundane is doing something IN us toward growth, maturity and credibility.

Remembering back over our years and experiences, the mundane tasks will fade and bigger moments emerge –big moments that shine brighter against the backdrop of mundane.

So today, rather than live in the tasks, let’s focus on the mission, the higher reasons, those things that mundane makes possible.

Guess that’s all today friends, I’ve got a list of mundane calling my name…




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