We are on the move in our family…

In a little over a week Ron and I move out of our upper east side NYC apt. into a charming smaller place in mid-town.  Meanwhile our youngest son Johnluke is moving to Tulsa to start college.

Moving is a pain in life and logistics. So many details to manage, coordination, throwing out, cleaning up. Why is it we humans are collectors?  Goodness gracious the things you discover when you start shifting things from one spot to another.

But moves are good too, because they bring clarity.  What do I really need to live and thrive?  Less is more when you’re on the move.

My sister is a “master mover.” She and my brother-in-law own a show-homes business so I’ve been consulting with her on recent innovations that make moving easier.

My goal is to make this a “3-D Move” — Decide what I can live without; Declutter  by getting rid of all non-essentials; and Determine to live more simply in the days to come.

We’ll see how all this goes, thinking the 3-D Move may be a good idea for work goals as well.

So here’s to a day of scrounging up boxes and pausing for moments to read through old mail. Garage sale anyone?  Oh wait, we don’t have garages in NYC. Hmm…I feel a Craig’s List moment coming on.


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