So yesterday was one of those days, you know the kind…where it’s drudgery to just get out of bed.

Went on a run, had a meeting or two, still felt sluggish emotionally and physically.  Got back into bed to do some work and made plans to meet Sundy (awesome assistant) a bit later.  She mentioned she was in Soho and I thought to myself, “Hmm, wish I could ask her to go by BabyCakes bakery and pick me up a vanilla cupcake.”  But I didn’t want to impose.

Hours later, she shows up at my door for the meeting with a VANILLA BABYCAKES CUPCAKE!!!!!!

I squealed like a 2-yr old, shocked andoverjoyed. Then it hit me…the Lord knows even the smallest little desires of our heart. Even the things that don’t matter, like a cupcake that will be eaten and forgotten. He knows. He cares.

Sundy didn’t even know I wanted it, she was simply feeling compelled to bless me, randomly recalled my mentioning BabyCakes two years ago, and went out of her way and around Soho to find it, because something inside compelled her to.

My sweet little BabyCakes cupcake, thank you Sundy!!

My sweet little BabyCake, thank you Sundy!! (And just noticed how the cropping in this photo makes the box look like the shape of a heart, so fitting!)

Everyone needs a friend like Sundy, and we all need to be that friend.  But most of all, we have a Friend that sticks closer than a brother and knows and treasures every little desire of our hearts.

One of my favorite verses (Psalm 37:4) says if we delight ourself in the Lord, he will give us the desires of our heart.  I think that means both granting, and also putting the desire there in the first place.

A few months back we felt compelled to give away our king-size bed-frame and bedding since we were updating our master bedroom in Raleigh. We offered it to a young couple on the very day the wife had prayed, “Lord, I’d love to have a king-size bed one day.”

So, what are you dreaming of? Don’t hold back; express it to the One who knows it already anyway. Then let the adventure begin. Prepare to be surprised, and prepare to be a catalyst in surprising others.  This is the life we’re meant to live, the way we’re meant to give.

Happy weekend everyone…


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