Family dinner on the patio, moments to treasure.

Family dinner on the patio, moments to treasure.

It’s been one of those weeks, in high heels every day and boy am I feeling it! But today it’s all about flats, at least until tonight when I open the Unique Women’s Conference in Mobile, Alabama, where I’ll speak the next two days.

But first, Ron and I are with Jordan and Cady this morning at his chemo appointment. It’s a weekly ritual no one chooses, but being together will be a gift amidst the challenges that our kids face every Friday, and face with so much courage and strength. 5 treatments down, 13 to go.

Many praying friends have asked about Jordan, he’s doing well amidst the treatments, looks good and is standing like a strong soldier. His armor-bearing warrior wife is right at his side, as is his youngest brother Johnluke who makes frequent stops by to share a meal and some bro-time after classes.

It’s been a rich week in Tulsa with daily reminders of what trumps everything in life….friends and family. I feel like I’ve talked my head off, listened intently, planned creatively, and voted with conscientious commitment during Board meetings. I’ve loved sharing microwave popcorn and YouTube videos with my 11 yr old niece Ally, catching up with my Mom and sister over lunch, and working hard with the ORU Board. We’ve squeezed in time with our kids each night. Hanging is simply the best, with no agenda other than loving what we share.

So TGIF for aching feet which in their own way indicate places to go, people to know, shoes to wear, moments to share. I hope you’ll have a great weekend remembering that signs of success are often in the mundane more than the fame.

Mobile here I come!


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