It doesn’t matter what I feed the twins for dinner, the minute they look at each other’s plate they blurt out, “She has more, that’s not fair!”

It sounds childish, but we all do it don’t we?

Scrolling Instagram, talking to co-workers, walking past happy groups at restaurants, I wonder if my portion is really enough.

Comparison is tough and can hit us on both ends — comparing with those less fortunate I feel guilty, and with those who have more I feel left out or left behind.

So what is the answer to this always longing for more?

First, let me assure you, it’s normal and natural to want more. You and I are MADE for more, which is why dreaming big and not resting on our laurels will always be my rally cry.

Still though, there has to be a place of contentment while pursuing more, and here are a few techniques I’ve found work well in the face of comparison:

Stay self-focused. Be grateful for what I have and thankful daily for the vast and varied privileges, experiences, and blessings that seem grander when we count them.

At the same time, dream bigger, which helps remind us there’s always something more worth pursuing. Staying busy with new dreams is also a great buffer against jealousy.

Focus on others. This balancing weight for the above two steps means looking for ways to give, be that counsel, time, gifts, or open doors. This means wanting more in order to give more.

I’ve learned in my desert seasons (meaning with blood sweat and tears!) to look at others’ stories as a SIGN that God is still in the miracle business. He’s still granting job promotions, putting couples together, opening doors and bringing miracles. With Him there is always more!

Rather than compare, I focus on His BIGNESS and GREATNESS, because then hope arises, and hope changes everything.

Cheering you on in this journey, one that’s tailor-made for you!

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