There are some great shopping options, my favorites include:

H&M – great for young women, various locations across the city, the one on 5th Avenue is original one in Manhattan
ZARA – these are my favorite of all the fashion spots in the city, they copy all the European designers but at very good prices, locations all over including 5th Avenue and one right across from Bloomingdales (59thand Lexington)
Bergdorf Goodman — corner of 57th and 5th Ave., best restrooms in town on the lower level, love their restaurant on 8th floor, it’s my current favorite lunch spot, a bit pricey but super fun with amazing views of the Park. Their clothes are great, several floors are high designer but a couple are mid-range. Great shoe dept.
Saks 5th Ave. — 50th and 5th Ave., best Saks in the nation, check out their amazing shoe floor on 8th floor (where I’ve done many book signing and speaking events), also great restaurant overlooking
Rockefeller Center
New York Look — there are several of these around town, one on 5th Ave. at 45th, very cute clothes, shoes and accessories
D&D Building — if you love decorating check out this building at 3rd Avenue and 57th) where all the furniture and decorating designers have showrooms, you can only buy if you’re a designer but it is an INCREDIBLE experience looking at these showrooms, I only found this a year ago, always thought it was only open to designers but I go crazy in here seeing every fabric, furniture, accessories that all the high-end designer magazines feature, it’s quite the experience!
ABC Carpet and Home — this is my fave store in the entire city, 8 floors of the most incredible home furnishings, rugs, pillows, it is an experience all its own, at Broadway and 18th St., very famous store and women love this place.
Soho — this is a fantastic destination area of town for several hours of shopping, is also on the edge of Canal Street if you want any knock-off bags, etc. So many cute shops and boutiques plus excellent restaurants our favorite of which is Balthazar.
Century 21 — across from Ground Zero downtown, this is famous too, large store full of off-price designer stuff, it’s all about timing at this store and you have to scrounge through a lot to find the treasures but can be fun.

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