Steve and Jennifer Robinson with their gorgeous family.

Ron and I are flying to New Orleans today, to be with our dear friends Steve and Jennifer Robinson.  We love this couple for many reasons…

Generosity — they’re putting us up at a very nice hotel for two nights so we will feel lavished, including a spa treatment (imagine me convincing my practical husband YES honey, you DO need a massage!)  I still wear a turquoise necklace Jennifer saw me looking at the last time I was shopping with her. “You need this,” she said, and immediately purchased it at the counter.

Vision — They pastor an awesome church, Church of the King in Mandeville. I’ll speak for their Tues. night women’s event called, “Come Alive.” Excited about what’s on my heart to share with these nearly 1,000 awesome women who will give up a night of their busy lives to come hear me. Honored, always honored.

Determination — About three years ago Steve and Jennifer adopted their darling daughter from China. International adoption takes a fortitude all its own, and to give this child a new family and new life is inspiring beyond words.

Leadership — Steve is one of the extraordinary pastors of our time. He and Ron talk frequently and share ideas about church-planting, ministry, teams, and missions.  Jennifer leads her women at the church with so much care, investment, and excellence.  We’ll surely have some rich conversations with these two, and I’ll be all ears. They’re younger than us but we learn from them. Mentoring can go up and down, age-wise.

So, as much as I’d love a little break from travel to enjoy my blooming azaleas out front, off we go for what will surely be a rich two days with friends everyone should have.




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